If it were so simple,…

I would like to drink  A mix  Of consistency and patience And sip it slow…                swoosh it around, Deliberately cough                choke Sending it down                   “The wrong pipe” So I can breathe it, too. […]

sometimes the truth hurts. embrace it, like a long awaited  friend. or a lost treasure.  recognize it always, despite the years,  the hardships, the tears, the resentment—the where you beens,  nor “the my look how tall these tall-tales have grown that they start to bend.”

Polluted Love

I know you have your apprehensions and reservations about me, about us.  I do, too.  Sometimes I just want to be left alone.  I look around and I think and try to feel and make sense of what others think, what trigger them to respond the way they do.  I can see the wake of […]

Facts of life 

Friend: How’s your week panning out? Me: Well-rounded. Like the earth. And like the earth. It could be better.  Friend: 🤔 interesting  Me: Yes. Yes it is. 😶

Times Up!

I want to confess: most of the time, I feel like giving up. But it’s sort of like, what am I giving up? Which way do you go, when there’s nowhere left to go, but up… (That’s the million dollar question…) I don’t need a watch to tell me, I’m behind… Schedule. I can tell […]

Start Living

If you let other people measure your success, plan your present and dictate your future, you will more than likely be labeled a failure,… and alone.

Life is worth Living

Everyday you wake you can literally champion a cause… some type of something that’s noteworthy, that affects you or society directly or indirectly.  Have you ever been depressed? Clinically depressed? Even the most mildest form of depression or stress can be life altering and slow to get over.  Something’s are difficult to comprehend or resolve, […]

Exposing your scars

I read works like Frank Bidart’s, “Herbert White,” and wonder… and “Man,” by Charles Bukowski and other of his works that leave me bewildered. More like intangled, like walking around in a dark room, after the furniture is rearranged. I am lost in familiar, disfigured territory. Such art, such profound truth and astute creativity teetering […]

Blind theory on love

People fall in love with ideas, with projected thoughts and visions, not reality.  Too caught up in what could be, we turn a blind eye to reality! The relationships we have, the bonds not connected by blood or lineage are largely based on imagination, hope filled expectations and wishful thinking… high hopes and follies.  Not logic. […]

Long Lost Friends

Fresh out the gym. Leg day. Today I met a man, named Luke. Polish, 5’11, (yes, I asked) approximately 150-160 lbs, with a slight tummy, but otherwise slim and slender. It wasn’t his height or build that caught my attention. It was the impression he left on me and on the gym.  Luke literally silenced […]

Poor connection 

the world is full with many wonders and wonderful things. so much emptiness. &poor reception. poor connectivity. and challenges.                                         so much potential.  so disturbing to feel so much untapped power. So much electricity.  and no way  […]

Peace and Quiet

You don’t have to go out searching for inspiration. Open up, silence the mind. Find the stillness among the many voices that call. The many voices demanding attention. The many distractions that blur away into white noise, amplifying and projecting, exclusively your thoughts. Find the peace, the quiet space the moment of opportunity knocking in […]

Thinking on Paper

Duende is always with you. It’s a manifestation of your true self, your true state of being. It is your worth and virtue.  Duende comes from within. It cannot be altered. It can be educated. It cannot be trained to submit to your will. It can be cultivated to express itself at will. It is […]

Without Pause

It is essential for those of us who are creatives to enact the very thing that makes us us—we have to create. It is something embedded in our souls, our genetic makeup.  The moment we are not physically creating, we should be pondering and planning for the highlight of our lives, the moment of production, […]

No Strings Attached

(This is not a love story, but a story of freedom) I’ve given much thought to the unseen, things that affect us that we are generally unaware of, and its most in-depth consequences or rewards.  Things that are “invisible”, intangible, fleeting seems to leave the most lasting impressions. Happiness, sorrow, joy, grief comes to mind. […]

Birth of a Season

“Winter is coming!”  Besides being the mantra of a particular family in the Game of Thrones series (their name escapes me now, but it’s not important for the conversation) is indeed a reality.  I’m not referring particularly to the physical seasons, in the sense of autumn being marked by falling leaves and luminous colors, or […]


Home is where energy, raw and fluid, flows free.  Home is fixed, rooted, unconditional. Home is a place where you’re always invited.        Home is where the mind, heart and obligations reside— deep inside, where no one can see, harm, touch… Home is safe. Filled with whatever you choose to put in it. […]

Free Love

Now that I have your attention! I know this post won’t meet most people’s expectations, but I still love you! Just keep in mind 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾   “Free love” the kind that’s warm and sticky, still icky, but doesn’t get soggy in unpleasant conditions.   Now that the dreaded “L” word is out of the bag. […]

Light of Adversity

My vision is clear Full of ambitions And other going-ons  ready to take flight To soar, to grow, to blossom, to discover. But the light is dimmed, drowned out from the sorrows and stresses. The past, the what’s nexts. Time for the wolf to grow wings and gills to adapt. To alter its genetic code. […]

Wart on my Soul*

The road paved slanted, nearly upside down, bent… Like my soul twisted and ran down and over. No one seems to notice… My smile is drawn on. My soul has a black spot. A wart filled with troubles… I’ve seen and absorbed. A wart on my soul sits like a mountain —high, unmoved. Cold. Feature […]

Rise and Strive with NaNoWriMo

Almost two-thirds of the the month complete, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) still thrives and occupies my day. As this is my first attempt at writing essentially a draft of a draft of a novel (that’s a mouth full), the entire attempt has been a learning experience of both my strengths and weaknesses. If anyone […]

In Wake of Chaos

All this time. All these lives. Lost, altered, forgotten. The preemptive response of trying to make sense of poor, deranged and deluded minds. Every second an opportunity to resuscitate, to encourage life beneath the dark clouds engulfing the world in a never-ending, relentless cycle. Twirling lights of red, white & blue, overlapping. A quick flash, […]

Dogshyt and Manure

The photos I’m sharing with this post are of the neighborhood and house I spent my adolescence (3-12 years old)… Located in Brooklyn, New York, “down the hill” in Brownsville (Oceanville according to the maps) anyways… The most memorable moments I have of the neighborhood are three, all involving animals, all of varies species and […]

My Open Door Policy

I’m inviting you to take a trip down memory lane with me. I’m sharing this with my readership and general audience because I realize most of my work is abstract and lacks personality. I always wanted my blog to be somewhat neutral, no direct mention of race, religion or culture. Sort of like a safe […]

A Seed in Full Bloom

“Change is the only constant,” always seems like a dwindling, daunting, despicable thing. As if its synonymous with complacency and accepting defeat. There is no other choice but to continue to think outside our own expectations. Like the sky standing still waiting for me to chase parts that I choose to cherish. If only I […]

Visit to the Montego Bay, Jamaica, pt I

As I’ve mentioned in other post, I’ve recently visited the Grand Pavilion Spa and Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Actually, it’s in Lucea, at least a forty-five minute drive from Montego Bay airport. It was a great experience as a getaway and relaxation. After our initial flight was delayed nearly two hours, we had to […]

General Question: TMI?!

Coming off a recent hiatus, actually, a mini-vacation/wedding ceremony in Montego Bay, Jamaica, I had a lot of time to ponder and write without any interruptions or pauses that weren’t worth celebrating (I’ll tell you about all of that in the next few hours/days). There has been an issue that has hindered my writing process […]

A Letter from my Aunt

The following is a letter from my aunt to me in response to my poem, Evaporated Tears. I wanted to show her my appreciation of her and her eloquence at writing and repost it. Hopefully, I could reciprocate the smile she gave me. As letters are intimate, a level of anonymity remain (I won’t disclose […]

Evaporated Tears

Part I Human Condition “History rewards the bold” —an idiom, a declaration To remain impervious To anything that contradicts Your intent and drive. Always keep in mind Keep your head above water While crossing the Rubicon. Everyone born, who has lived A little, or died has a past Bridges are either worth crossing, or Burning […]

Inside Out

I’m told that I’m a puzzle… Not enigmatic, uncanny, special, but… But “something’s seriously wrong with you”. I’m whole, yet broken. I need help. Not for my sake, but for those who look for trouble. I’m intriguing (or so I think, well that’s what I tell myself). I’m something to learn from. Not to be […]

Simply Odd

“You’re always in your own world!!” — Anonymous Isn’t it amazing. To be alone A stranger among strangers Annoyed. Isolated. Patient. Wasted. Different. Clement. Where first impressions Are the same as every other Bending, tilting, yielding, But not breaking. Consistent. Pliable by nature. Unchanged. Or simply— Odd.

Who are You?

Who are you? Beyond your race Your nation Your political affiliations What is it about you That prevent communication With those from other races Cultures, religions? Listen. What makes you special? Your sons? Your daughter, Your wife? What Makes your life worth more Than another? Who made you… Judge and executioner? Who told you, you […]

Care to Connect

Sometimes outside, Outdoors seem so perfect. So perfectly quiet, so alive So naked. So prized. So untainted. The trees canopy the pavement In uneven arches, Towards the street, Towards the houses And apartments Towards the pollution Towards the selfish Towards the righteous With open arms, branches extended Waiting anxious, to cleanse the air We breathe. […]

Introductions and Endings

They have the same eyes One wide, round open; The other, oval, sharp edged In the center of wide and squinted They have the same face Exhausted, seeking, expecting The same tinge of sweat and Drunkenness. Love holding Onto change, resisted. Their limitations defined By each other. “You ain’t Going no where.” “C’mon,” he followed […]

Distorted Reflections

“This is who you are,” the voices insist, trying to convince me I’ve chosen the wrong path and will continue to do so, until I accept it. I choose to move on, denying the whispers, ignoring the near audible sounds of my thoughts being pulled in multiple directions. Is a broken mind the same as […]

Children Stabbing! (True Story)

Two days ago I discovered something new about myself. Normally, I tend not to show any emotions, which has lead many people who know me personally to incorrectly conclude that I’m either cruel or emotionally inept. Reading the front page paper, I discovered two children were violently attacked by a knife wielding maniac. The younger […]

Shout out Award!!

Originally posted on The Life of a Lupie Momma:
Diana at Trying to Make Things Right just nominated me for a “Shout out Award”! How awesome is that!!! Thank you so much Diana! Yes, I accept your nomination! Why wouldn’t I? I feel like I just earned some major cool points! 😉 Anyway, I found Diana’s blog…

Why I Write? Pt 1

Sometimes I write and grow wary, dreading what I may find inside buried where it belongs, deep, deep down entrenched, lodged hidden, cowering in a corner of my mind— the thoughts of greatness and desire not for power, but if I may separate prestige and honor my will will become clear for all to enjoy, […]

Talk of the Town

i heard a man, drunk stumbling in speech and posture saying, “yo…yo,” every three seconds for the past five minutes. drinking away his troubles seeking relief at the bottom of a bottle or two of whatever’s in his cup. he stopped for three to five minutes to resume his sipping just to turn back to […]

Best Day of My Life

Verse I’ve given much thought To the question at hand, All the battles I fought Over the span Of my life To choose the best day Is like taking a knife To my wrist, and cutting At least, it’s how the process Of metacognition works (At the moment of reflection) Prose Ok. Ok. Alright. Alright. […]

Review: Witness: … Pt 3 (Final)

Motivated by the exhibition, but perhaps slightly unrelated is: where are the leaders of today’s generations? And who are they? It’s more philosophical than literal, perhaps. With so much going on in the world today, I feel many people’s voices are stifled, despite social media outlets and other means of self or communal communication. For […]